DSAM & Application Installation

General information

DSAM applications in executable form are available from the Downloads page. These can be downloaded and installed for immediate use.

The applications in executable Linux RPM installation form also require the DSAM RPM to be installed.

To install applications on unix platforms for which executables are not available the '*.tar.gz' for the application and the DSAM library must be downloaded.  These archive packages contain instructions on how they can be installed (in the respective "INSTALL" files).

Platform-Specific Installation Hints

This section consists of notes regarding problems installing DSAM and DSAM applications on different systems.  If you have installation problems on your platform, once they are solved then the solution can be added to this page.  If you do have installation problems which you cannot resolve, then please don't hesitate to use the mailing list.  Other people may also have had your problem or would appreciate knowing that a problem is there - especially me.

Solaris 5

Follow the instructions in the "INSTALL" file, but use "gmake" instead of "make".