• The new PyRunDSAMSim interface allows python users to call the DSAM library directly.
  • The RunDSAMSimJ interface uses Java technology allowing a plug-and-play platform independence not hitherto possible.
  • A single, platform-independent Windows(TM) is available, which has been tested on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems (XP/Vista/7).
  • DSAM simulations are run as a Matlab command.
  • Information is transferred directly to and from the DSAM simulations without the need to store on file first.
  • There is full access to model parameter setting and other simulation controls.
  • Octave users can still use the RunDSAMSim mex file interface as at the time of writing Octave does not support java.


The RunDSAMSim application provides an interface to Matlab(tm)/Java, Python and Octave which allows users to run and evaluate auditory models written using development system for auditory modelling (DSAM) simulation scripts.

It is possible to run DSAM simulations on Matlab without any compiling, on earlier versions of Matlab as well as the latest versions.

Python is increasingly being used by the scientific community as the programming language of choice for numerical analysis and data visualisation. A new python interface has been implemented which allows seemless interaction between python and DSAM. It uses the standard python "ctypes" foreign function library facility, which means that it can be run on all platforms for which python is available.